Covid has thrown life into misery. Children’s have become orphans, Families have been thrown into streets. It has bought unimaginable pain to those who have lost their Head of Family.

Whenever a Head of Family dies, his family will not know what to do, they will be in full of confusion. They will be in two kinds of pain. One is Emotional Loss, which can never be replaced. Other is Financial Loss.

An Emotional Loss can never be compensated back. Ever. But, if you take some right decisions, you surely can minimize some financial loss.

Below are some financial responsibilities, which each person has to take care, when they lose their head of family :-

  1. Get Death Certificate quickly :- The first thing you have to do when a head of family dies is to take Death Certificate. To Claim Life Insurance, Transfer Bank Balance, Insurance Claim, sell property. You need death certificate. You have to apply for death certificate with in 21 days after death.
  2. Check Will ? :- After head of family death, check out whether they have made any will??? If in case, they have made will. All properties belonging to them will be distributed as per their will. If in case they have not made will. Then in that case, properties will be distributed to legal heirs or their Successors.
  3. Check all Documents :- Check out all the documents which are in the name of person who is dead. To claim insurance, taking out bank balance, transfer property khata, to apply for PF, ESI & NPS. You need death certificate. Check out the nominee. And take suitable actions.
  4. Insurance claim :- To claim insurance, companies usually take around 45 days to process it. So make sure you claim insurance as early as possible.
  5. Change all documents : – After head of family dies, change all the documents which are in their name. Property documents, Electricity bill, water bill, Property tax documents, Vehicle document & so on change the name in all of the documents.

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