The Shakti Yojana is a scheme by Government of Karnataka, where all women belonging to Karnataka state gets Free Transport in General Buses. This scheme is also included to Girl Students and Transgenders. Shakti Yojana Scheme doesn’t apply to AC & Luxury Buses. Here are the details of the scheme:

Shakti Scheme:

  • The Shakti scheme is launched by the Government of Karnataka in June 2023.
  • The aim of the scheme is to provide women of Karnataka, free transport in general buses.
  • The guidelines of this scheme include:
    1. This scheme of Free Travel in Bus is applicable only within the state of Karnataka. Its not applicable to buses travelling to other states.
    2. Scheme is not applicable to Luxury Buses like Rajahamsa Non AC Sleeper, Vajra, Vayuvajra, Airavata, Airavata club class, Airavata gold class, Ambari, Ambari dream class, Ambari Utsav, Fly Bus, EV Power Plus (AC Buses).
    3. Apart from BMTC Buses and those excluded from the scheme, in all other buses, where free travel for women is allowed, 50% of seats are reserved for men.
    4. Government of Karnataka, will pay the money for all 4 Road Transport Corporations based on Zero Ticket/ Shakti Smart Card. ( Reimbursement to Road Transport Corporation would be made on the basis of actual distance travelled by Women passengers).
    5. Government will take applications through Seva Sindhu Portal, and distribute “Shakti Smart Cards” within next three months.
    6. Till Shakti Smart Cards are issued, bus conductors will have to consider id proof issued by state or central government while issuing zero tickets.

To hire an assistant to get Shakti Smart Cards, you can call 8152999000.