Do you want to know, What is PODI in agriculture land Karnataka? or What is Podi Land?

Well the answer for the above lies below,

To say in Simple words, PODI of Agricultural Land means Division of Survey Numbers into Various Sub divisions.

It is done by Survey Department Officials.

Presently in Karnataka, it is Mandatory, to get Land Podi done before buying or Selling of any Agricultural Land.

Without Podi, Land cannot be registered in Registrar Office.

In case of Dharkasth Land which means Government Grant Land, Dharkasth Podi has to be done. Without Dharkasth Podi, Land cannot be sold or bought, cannot be converted into non agricultural purpose.

It is mandatory to get Dharkasth Podi done in case of Grant Land.

You can also contact 8152999000 to know, how to apply for Land Podi.