Aadhar Card

1. New Aadhar Card
2. Correction in existing Aadhar Card like Name, DOB, Address, Mobile Number, Biometric, Email Id, Language


Pan Card

1. New Pan Card for Individual or Business
2. Correction in Existing Pan Card like Name, DOB, Address, Mobile Number, Company Details


Voter Id

1. New Voter ID
2. Correction in Existing Voter Id like Name



1. New Passport
2. Correction in existing Passport like Name, DOB, Address, Mobile Number
3. Renewal of Passport


Ration Card

1. New Ration Card (APL or BPL)
2. Correction in Existing Ration Card like Name, DOB, Address.
3. Addition or Deletion of Family Members in Existing Ration Card.


Ayushman Card

1. New Ayushman Card
2. Correction in Existing Ayushman Card like Name, DOB, Address


Birth Certificate

1. Birth Certificate
2. Name Inclusion in Birth Certificate
3. Change of Name in Birth Certificate


Labour Card

1. Labour Card Registration
2. Correction in Existing Labour Card
3. Labour Schemes Assistance


Life Certificate

1. Life Certificate Submission from your doorstep

Citizen services refer to the various services provided by government authorities to the residents or citizens of a particular region. These services are designed to address the needs and requirements of the public and improve their quality of life. Here are some common examples of citizen services:

  1. Public Safety: Services related to public safety include police protection, emergency response systems, fire services, disaster management, and crime prevention initiatives.
  2. Healthcare Services: Access to healthcare services is an essential citizen service. This includes hospitals, clinics, primary healthcare centers, vaccination programs, disease control, and health awareness campaigns.
  3. Education: Governments provide citizen services in the form of education, including schools, colleges, libraries, scholarships, and vocational training programs.
  4. Social Welfare: Social welfare services aim to support citizens in need. These services include welfare programs, social security benefits, financial assistance, disability services, and support for vulnerable populations.
  5. Housing: Assistance with housing is an important citizen service. Governments may provide affordable housing schemes, housing loans, and housing assistance for low-income individuals or families.
  6. Transportation: Citizen services related to transportation include public transportation systems, road infrastructure, traffic management, parking facilities, and transportation subsidies or discounts.
  7. Utilities: Basic utility services such as water supply, electricity, and gas connections fall under citizen services. Governments ensure the availability, affordability, and reliability of these essential utilities.
  8. Employment and Job Services: Governments may offer job placement services, vocational training, career counseling, and support for entrepreneurship to promote employment opportunities for citizens.
  9. Documentation Services: Citizen services often include services related to identification and documentation, such as issuing identity cards, passports, driver’s licenses, birth certificates, and marriage certificates.
  10. Civic Engagement: Governments encourage citizen engagement and participation through services like community development programs, public forums, citizen feedback mechanisms, and opportunities for volunteering.

These are some examples of citizen services provided by governments to cater to the needs of their residents and ensure their well-being, development, and participation in society. The specific range of services may vary depending on the region and the level of government (local, regional, or national).