Do you want to know, the documents required to be uploaded in BBMP Eaasthi Portal? Do you want to know documents required for A Khata?

Go through the list of documents given in table below

For Approved Layouts1. Agriculture to Non Agriculture Conversion Order Copy.
2. Layout Approval Copy.
3. Layout Sketch.
4. Release order of Layout
5. Other Ownership Documents of Land.
Approved or Grant Properties from GovernmentGrant Certificate & other ownership Documents
Gramthana1. Order copy from Tahsildar or Surveyor
2. Form 9 Copy
3. Title Deed & other ownership documents
Buildings1. Building Plan Approval
2. Occupancy Certificate
3. Title Deed & other ownership documents

Properties which don’t have any or some of the documents mentioned in the above table, will be issued with B Khata.

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Khata Procedure in BBMP E Aasthi

To know the procedure for Khata Registration, Khata Transfer, Khata Amalgmation or Khata Bifurcation.