BBMP has developed a new system known as E-Aasthi. From 13-11-2020 onwards all Khata Services are Computerized, and no more Hand written khata will be issued.

Presently E-Aasthi is being impletmented in 100 wards of BBMP Limits.

Following are the new rules of E-aasthi :-

  1. If the property is a Building, then Building Picture has to be mandatorily uploaded into the website.
  2. If the property is a vacant site, then a picture of vacant site along with nearest landmark has to be taken and uploaded into the website.
  3. Property Owners Picture will have to be uploaded to website seperately.
  4. If Encumbrance details are available for the property, then it has to be mentioned in the website.
  5. In the schedule of the property, neighbouring property PID Number has to be mentioned mandatorily. In case PID number is not available for the neighbouring property, then its Municipal Number has to be mentioned.
  6. Property Tax details has to be mentioned. Latest Property Tax Receipt must be submitted.

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Documents required for E aasthi

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